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Just copy and paste text links into your website, social sites or mailing list and / or add banners (that we supply) and watch the money come in with APP (Affiliate Programs Photography).

You will earn up to a whopping 50% commission (typically 30% - 40%) for every sale that eventuates from your recommendation (your website, emails or social sites etc).

We would rather share sales commissions with you and your friends than on expensive advertising campaigns.

Most photographers have great camera equipment but do not use their equipment to its fullest potential. You can help them become fantastic photographers by introducing them to our easy to follow, comprehensive photography courses.

If you are unsure Affiliate Programs work
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By becoming a member of APP (Affiliate Programs Photography) you get a unique opportunity to promote our valuable photography courses.

As I mentioned, we will supply the special links you require for your website, Facebook page, Twitter etc and our system will automatically track your referrals and pay you for every* sale.

You will receive prompt monthly commissions not just for the initial* sale but for all subsequent sales .

We have teamed up with Courses Of Discovery and Digital Access Pass (DAP) utilizing their state of the art membership and affiliate programs providing you with trusted online tracking and reporting.

With Affiliate Programs Photography (APP) - Every sale is a Win Win Win.
You Win, The Customer Wins and We Win.

Features and benefits

  • It’s free to join – you have no risk and no costs.
  • Earn passive incomeunlimited potential.
  • Easy payment – all you need is a verified PayPal account.
  • Great Supportcontact us for any ideas, questions or problems that may arise.
  • Trustworthy tracking and statisticsyou know exactly what’s going on all the time.
  • Great banners and artworksimply paste them into your web page or email.
  • Instant acceptanceStart earning money straight away.
    (Although we reserve the right to refuse or cancel, you will receive immediate log-in details and collateral for APP (Affiliate Programs Photography).

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