Digital Photography Made Easy - Photography Course

We design and structure our digital photography courses to provide you with everything you need to propel you from being an absolute beginner, or hobby photographer, to becoming an advanced photographer in no time at all.

Digital Photography Made Easy 
is the lastest in our very popular
"Ultimate Photography" series.

With the training provided in "Digital Photography Made Easy" (a.k.a. "The Ultimate SLR Photography Course"), you will learn the latest camera techniques and photography shoots. Imagine being able to take professional quality photographs using nothing more than your SLR camera!

Whats Included in the Digital Photograpny Made Easy Course?

We added 7 Brand New   "Shoots" and,
while we were at it,
completely Updated  the original 7 "shoots"
as well as the Camera settings module from the earlier course (More Below).

Camera Settings and Features - Updated

We make sure you both know and understand the settings available on modern SLR cameras. David Pix is an experienced Tertiary Education Teacher who knows how to get the message across. He doesn't just tell you, he shows you all you need to know.

You'll learn about the various technical settings on your camera to ensure you get perfect results every time, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Landscape Photography - Updated

As you continue on your professional SLR camera course, you will accompany David on a landscape shoot where you'll learn how to not only take great landscape photos, but what to look for and the best settings for you camera for each type of shot.

Fashion photography - Updated

Our SLR photography course offers you a completely different type of fashion shoot. We don't just take a picture of the model standing against a wall, we teach you how to create a levitation shot. These are the types of shots you see in professional fashion shoots. After you learn the techniques, you will have the knowledge necessary to create these amazing photographs.

Creative Photography - New

Here, David takes you to various locations to show and teach you what to look for and how to take these beautiful photos. You will start to see things you didn't see before.

Journalistic Photography - New

If there is one thing you need to know, it is that your photos must tell a story otherwise they are nothing more than snapshots. You will learn how to take sequence photos designed to help you tell your story photographically.

Car Photography - New

Whether taking photos of your own car or someone elses, this module is designed to teach you the special techniques, including key images, designed to ensure your car photos look like those you find in new car brochures./p>

Night Photography - Updated

Here you will learn sunset photography, still life night photography and the latest liquid metal fire shots that are guaranteed to give you some amazing shots.

Urban Photography - New

Using the lessons taught in our photography course you will learn the skills needed to travel the back streets of your city or town where you will find many hidden masterpieces that are begging to be photographed. Again you will see "things" you never saw, or weren't aware of before, as David shows you how to find and capture these hidden gems.

Fine Art Photography - Updated

You might be amazed at the number of items, such as machinery, that can be turned into fine art when photographed using the right techniques. In this section of our SLR camera photography course you will learn the skills necessary to shoot fine art photographs.

Sports Photography - New

If you always leave your camera in auto mode and wonder why your sports photos often come out blurry, this section is just what you need. We'll show you, using a track field, how to set your camera up to capture all of the fast moving action of your favourite athletes and sports stars. We also take you track-side and show you great ways to capture fast moving racing cars.

Ebay Photography - New

If you have ever sold anything on eBay, you already know that you NEED to have great photographs of the items you are selling. Our SLR camera course teaches you how to take high quality images needed to ensure your items sell and sell fast.

Studio Lighting - Updated

Let's go behind the scenes of a real life commercial studio. You'll see how to work lighting and other studio equipment. Even if you never plan on taking photographs in a studio this module is a must. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of taking brilliant photos.

Home Studio Photography - New

If you have ever considered putting together your own studio, this section of our photography course will take you through how to build a great home studio for under $500. You'll also learn how to set your studio up to obtain the best results.

Product Photography - Updated

This section gives you priceless tips and creative ideas to photograph a product like you've never seen before. We also cover camera settings to make you stand out from your competitors. This is fun and creative.

Travel Tips Photography - Updated

I am sure you have been on holiday and taken "great" photos that sit in your drawer (or computer) for years gathering dust. This module covers a number of special tips and tricks designed to help you take exciting travel photos that your friends will want to see over and over again!

................And So Much More................
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Assignments For Our SLR Camera Courses (optional)

Once you reach this section of the SLR camera course, you will be given exciting photo assignments to complete. However, there is no rush! Complete them in your own time.

As you work your way through “Digital Photography Made Easy”, you will learn the camera settings and photography tips that will be used to obtain each shot we ask you to accomplish.

By taking our course, either online or on DVD, you will learn in a way that will completely revolutionise the way you take photographs.

Imagine being able to take quality photographs you can be truly proud of. We teach you the tricks of the trade as well, so you will know exactly how the professionals achieve such perfect shots.