Video Camera Course

Learn how to get the most from your Video Camera.

This course is adaptable to any Video Camera and all experience levels.

Learn step by step how to use the key settings of your Video Camera, learn what they mean, how to access them and when to use them. Learn how to take a range of photographic styles including landscape, people shots and travel shots.

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Understanding your Video Camera Settings

David takes you through the most important settings that you need to know for taking photos that look professional.

If you are sick of just getting ordinary photos because you have your camera set on automatic. This section of our course will get you up and running quickly and easily with David showing you each step in a watch and learn format.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • The different types of Video Cameras and features
  • How to make great movies
  • Different megabytes and what they mean
  • How to treat your Video Camera and where they will work
  • Using the batteries and charging your Video Camera
  • How to set-up your Video Camera
  • How to use your Video Camera for still photo's
  • How to record a movie and how to save
  • How to delete photo's or movies
  • How to connect up to a TV
  • What is steady shot
  • How to set up slow motion
  • How to take still shots
  • Using flashes and how to avoid red eye
  • Spot focus and how to set up
  • Automatic focus and manual settings
  • Different ways of using the screens and lenses
  • Using the Zoom and best settings to use
  • Scene modes and which ones to use when
  • Using the microphone and the settings to use

How To Take Really Good Movies

In the lesson we will take your Videoing to the next level! David Pix will show you how to shoot professional looking videos that will amaze your family and friends.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • Framing and angle shots
  • Cut-aways and shooting techniques
  • Rules to shoot by
  • Creating energy in your videos
  • Breaking up the story elements
  • Lighting, sound and taking still pictures

Learn How To Take Great Videos

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Video Camera Course
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