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Compact Camera Course

The Ultimate Compact Camera Course

Is presented by David Pix a professional photographer and Australia’s leading accredited photography teacher (he is also the Author and creator of The Ultimate SLR Camera DVD course sold through numerous photography Stores Australia wide, including Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and Camera House)

Learn how to get the most from your Digital Compact Camera. Learn camera settings, taking great photos & more.

The course is adaptable to any Digital Compact Camera and all experience levels.

Learn step by step how to use the key settings of your camera, learn what they mean, how to access them, when to use them and how to take a range of photographic styles including landscape, people shots and travel shots.

David takes you through the 7 settings that you need to know for taking photos. Every camera is different not only in brand but also model, all cameras have the same settings which get basically the same results from a fairly low end camera right up to some of the expensive models.

People rarely know how to use their new digital cameras. Often these manuals are written in a very technical language. The average person won’t be bothered reading through the large manual that came with their camera.

David will take you through the important things that you need to know so you will be up and running as quickly as possible!

  • 3 Different Types of Compact Cameras
  • Very small pocket Camera that does not have a zoom lens, which is fully automatic (3 x optical zoom)
  • Medium size compact that is semi auto cameras (7 x optical zoom)
  • Full manual compact camera
  • Look at the most important settings you need to know
  • Understanding Mega pixels, and how to change on your camera
  • Understanding camera settings and how to use them
  • Setting time and date
  • Zoom lenses, optical sizes and how to use them
  • Understanding white balance and how to use the different settings
  • Setting your ISO, what it means, how to use the settings and when
  • Histogram and what does it represent, how does it work
  • Setting the timer and how to use it
  • Multi shot, how to make the camera take more than one photo at a time
  • Deleting an image, delete one or delete all
  • When you need a tripod and types available
  • Using your auto modes, portrait, landscape, landscape & portrait, night & portrait, self portrait, sport, cuisine, smile shot and movies.
  • What is Exposure Compensation and how to use it
  • Focusing your Camera and how to use the settings
  • Light metering modes, what they mean and how to use
  • Aperture explained and how to use it
  • Setting your flash modes and understanding the settings
  • Capturing video and how to set your camera to take video
  • Understanding shutter speed
  • Understanding Raw files and jpegs
  • Understanding Large compact Camera Settings, auto, P, A, S, M,
  • 10 Tips for getting great photos and which settings to use
  • Battery power and how to change

Using your Camera to take a range of photos

David will show you how to take your photography to the next level. He will teach you how to take really great photos that will jump off the page and have your friends wanting you to take their photos. David will show you techniques to taking fantastic people shots, portraits, families and EBay photos.

It’s all about lifestyle, experiences and family memories.

  • How to take really great photos
  • How to take Portrait Photos
  • Using your zoom with more than one person
  • Taking family photos
  • Full body portraits
  • Cropped face portrait
  • ¾ body shots
  • Using a timer
  • Photographing Children
  • How to photograph birthday’s
  • How to take sport photos and using your fill flash
  • Tips on using video and mono pod
  • Taking photos and framing
  • Size perspective and taking photos
  • Getting the right perspective in photos
  • Taking photos of items and the tricks to take fantastic shots
  • How to shoot flowers with blue backgrounds
  • How to take beautiful photos
  • How to take great photos of objects
  • How to take photos of pets and what settings to use
  • Taking Night time photos
  • Taking photos of buildings
  • How to Create an album title page
  • How to use the manual settings on your compact camera for different types of photos
  • Tips for taking Travel photos
The Ultimate Compact Camera Photograhy Course

ONLINE Compact Camera
Photography Course
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The ultimate SLR camera course sold through numerous photography stores throughout Australia, (including Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and Camera House). David has just released his latest SLR camera course Digital Photography Made Easy. As you complete this course, you will learn how to use your camera including everything about the various camera settings, how to take great photos & more. The ultimate SLR camera course and the Digital Photography Made Easy (latest version) can be adapted to suit practically any brand of digital compact camera and all experience levels.

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