Real Estate Photography Course

Have You Ever Wondered Why
Some Properties Sell Faster and
For Much More Money
Than Others?

TRUE STORY... Recently, I was actively looking for an apartment and had narrowed it down to just 2 buildings that I was interested in.

One day I got a call from an agent saying they had a new listing. I went online to check it out.
The photos didn’t get me excited!
I definitely was NOT interested.
However, as chance would have it I was in the area
and had time between inspections.
So I went along.
I was totally blown away.
The Beach
Long story short, I bought it the next day.
And I honestly believe if the photography showed what I saw there would have been a lot more interest and I would not have got it for the price I did. Lucky me!
See what I am Getting at?
There is plenty of information about the psychology of selling a home
but there is no information about how to capture it in a photograph.
This course shows you How!
(Without requiring a lot of technical photography skills!)
More Sales?
To Sell Properties Quicker?
Get Better Prices?
9 out of 10 homebuyers start their search from an online source1
Yet most property photos are
basic and boring at best.
To Make Matters Worse!!
Our average attention span has DROPPED:
In 2000 it was 12 seconds.
In 2013 it was just 8 seconds.
The Attention span of a GoldFish is 9 seconds.
(Take that for what it is worth!)

The Point is:

First Impressions Count!

Grab potential buyers
your competition does.
We have researched
why people choose one home over another
and identified
SEVEN Major psychological reasons.
Psychology causes a person to have an affiliation with a property and In this Course You’ll Learn
all 7 Reasons and a whole lot more!
98% of people buying a home, who searched online, said
Photos were amongst the most useful feature on an online listing3.
Photography should be the
Core of or your property marketing.
A Photograph is often the 1st impression.
And should generate interest and excitement that leads to offers.
The Ultimate
Real Estate Photography Course
Emotional photographs are a crucial marketing tool
for any house or property sale.

In this course I’ll show you (in simple terms)
How to take photographs that meet the
Emotional needs of your buyer.

What the Course Covers

How to shoot Real Estate Photography that Grabs your prospective buyers:
Videos – How to take great Real Estate Photographs including:
The Seven Principles to meet the psychology of your customer.
Lifestyle Marketing
Emotional Psychology of your Customer
Psychological Impression
This is THEIR World
Psychological Affiliation
Logo  Sots

Videos Include:

Demonstrations, Ideas, Tips and Tricks on How to Photograph the following:-

Inside House
Walk In Wardrobe
Small Bedrooms
Billiard / Pool Table
TV Room
Dining Room
Outside House
Night Shoot (Dusk)
Outdoor Living Areas
Tennis Court
Log Shots
(Explained in Course).
Cutlery Drawer
Bonus 1

How to get the best from your Camera

(Although this is for DSL cameras, many of these settings are available on compact cameras).

This is a comprehensive and easy to learn guide. Including:-

How to set up Your Camera for the best Real Estate Photos.
Explanations of Camera Settings:-
File Size
Focal Points
White Balance
Single shot or Burst Mode
Metering (Spot, Centre, Matrix)
Exposure Compensation
Detailed Explanations and demonstrations makes it simple and easy to understand and use:-
Exposure (F-stop, iso, Speed)
- Auto, Programmable,
- Manual,
- A/AV (depth of Field
Grab potential buyers

BEFORE your competition does.

Learn How Now!

Learn How To Take Photos Of Properties
That Make You

Stand Out From The Rest

“The Ultimate Real Estate Photography Course”
Designed Specifically for Real Estate Agents and Sellers!
Real Estate Photography Course
by award winning photographer and trainer David Pix
RRP $179 Discount 44%
Today just $99
Watch as many times as you like over 12 months
NOTE:- This is an online version

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The purpose of this course is NOT to turn you into a professional photographer but to teach you tricks to taking real estate photographs  that SELL! - There is Minimal Photography Jargon.

Who is this course for?

Busy Real Estate Agents who want the edge on the competition.
Private Home sellers who want their property to sell Quickly and for best price.

Who is this course NOT for?

Budding and Professional Real Estate Photographers (although you will get invaluable tips)
High value properties who have deep pockets may desire hiring a professional Photographer.


  1. The higher the sale price the higher the commission.
  2. The quicker the sale the quicker you get paid.
  3. if buyers have a good idea what the house is like before even seeing it – Half your job is done.

1,3National Association of Realtors, 2 National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, The Associated Press
*** This course is for personal use (one user) only.